Digital Materials

Your Choice of Over 100 Materials

With versatile PolyJet dual material jetting, Objet Connex 3D Printers can construct more than 100 composite Digital Composite Materials with a wide range of physical properties, colours and tones.

PolyJet Digital Materials are composite materials created by simultaneously jetting two different PolyJet materials. The two are combined in specific concentrations and structures to provide unique mechanical properties and to provide a closer look, feel and function of the desired end-product.

Material Benefits

Material Benefits

  • Allows for simultaneous jetting of different model material types.
  • Composite Digital Materials have improved mechanical properties.
  • Combination of rubber-like and rigid materials, creating wide range of mechanical properties and grayscale range.
  • Close emulation of final products.
  • Saves printing and post-production time.
  • Reduces risk of error when creating complex molds for double injection.

Material Properties

Material Benefits

  • Simulate rubber – Print a whole range of different Shore A values including Shore 27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95, to simulate various elastomers and rubber products.
  • Simulate toughness – Print various rigid materials ranging from standard plastics to the toughness and temperature resistance of ABS or engineering-plastics.
  • Create shades and patterns – Print various shades of rigid opaque materials and mix transparent and rigid opaque materials to create shades, dots, grids and patterns.