A Smarter, Faster Way To Produce Prototypes, Tools And Final Parts With 3D Printers.

Rapid Model Development (RMD) believes that innovation comes from ideation. Founded in 2012, revolutionize manufacturing through 3D printing and advanced services, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation and product development.

What is 3D Printing?

A brief explanation on how it works and it’s benefits.

Print parts layer-by-layer.

By reading digital CAD data, high quality parts are printed by adding material layer-by-layer to form the shape.

3D printer can make prototype or production parts for daily use.

Prototype and Production.

Depending on the part size, you can 3D print your prototype for functional testing or production parts for practical uses at the same time.

3D printing empowers mass customization.

Customize your business.

Innovate your business process by keeping inventory files digital. Mass customize your end-product without worrying on quantity.

“We have been able to create models that mimic actual human tissue This has allowed us to create even more realistic surgical simulators.”

Yuwaraj KumarCentre for Biomedical and Technology Integration

“We can make as many prototypes as we need until we achieve our design goals.”

Shin MatsuyamaThermos

Articles and Events on 3D Printing

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SLM® Medical and Dental Applications

Medical device manufacturers are increasingly adopting metal additive manufacturing technology to produce a wide range of medical and dental parts. Selective laser melting is a metal powder bed fusion technology used to manufacture new designs of instruments and equipment and utilized for mass communication, i.e., the production of patient-matched implants and prostheses on a large scale. Dental prosthetic components, orthopedic, spine and cranio-maxillofacial implants are all common applications of the SLM® technology.