Car Grille

3D Printed Custom Made Car Grille For Form Fitting

Other than printing models such as Ford Model T, this round we printed a custom made car grille. Depending on what materials the vendor use i.e. metal or ABS , car grille would undergo CNC machining or injection molding process for the finished product. In this round, we tried to simulate the similar environment by 3D printing it.

Technology: FDM
Printer:  Fortus Production Series
Materials: ABS M30 – Ivory
Build Time: 41 hours 25 minutes

Screenshots prior printing:



  • To develop a customised prototype such as this CNC machining would take up to approx. 3 weeks, and injection molding (including mold process up tp I.M) will take months. This is 3D printed in 2 days at an accessible cost.
  • Conventional method will face difficulty in producing such complex shape hence taking longer time, that is where 3D printer comes in.
  • Technology wise, Polyjet’s Digital ABS (theoretically) is also capable of simulating such form fitting test. However FDM was the preferred option as it uses engineering grade thermoplastic materials, which in this case is ABS M30. Other than design validation, this will provide a realistic analysis to car manufacturers in terms of tensile strength and elongation test which will aid in their mass production process.
  • Also, FDM material is also suitable material for outdoor testing given at extreme condition such as mud, sleet, rain, snow, humid and etc.
  • The 3D printed car grille can also undergo UV coating / chrome plated for better finishing & further testing purposes.


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