3D Printed Ford Model T

The Ford Model T was the most popular auto mobile back in 1920s as it was the first car made affordable to the masses. Without doubt, we at RMD are also huge fan of this vintage model and we decided to print this as one of our lucky draw gift for our past DDM event.

Below is some information on file source & technology we used:
File Source: Thingiverse
Technology: Polyjet
Printer:  Objet Design Series
Materials: VeroBlack, VeroWhite, VeroClear
Build Time: 3 hours and 41 minutes

Screenshots prior printing:

Outcome (after assembly):

Ford Model T Car Model

3D Printed Ford Model T Car Model


  • We decided to use Polyjet due to its precision and performance, the model parts came out in a brilliant form. All parts were printed precisely and we have no problems in fitting them in. By the way, Connex3 can go up to 16micron (0.016mm) per layer!
  • Another reason for Polyjet is due to the possibility of printing multi-materials multi-colors in a go. This means you can get multi-color composite materials (refer to the grey parts, it’s a mix of black and white). Depending on application, you can also have composite materials withdifferent shore levels by mixing rubber-like to translucent material.
  • Does that mean FDM is inferior to Polyjet? Not really. It all depends on what kind of applications that you’re looking at. Say if we were to do functional prototypes that requires high endurance/tensile strength, FDM is the way to go.
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