3D Printing – Reshaping Future

We are extremely happy to be invited as one of the panel speakers to share our ideas and thoughts on 3D printing at LVL.UP KL which shares latest technology, design, creative, social and entrepreneurial skills to the community.

Our Executive Director, Dalphine Ong discussed about how 3D Printing is Reshaping Future:

“Look around us, there is an increasing demand in personalised products, people are looking for tailored goods – not at a mass level BUT down right to an individual,unique and personal use only. This mentality fuels the growth of mass customization which we now see in the digital world: Nike ID, Ray Ban Colorize and many more.”

“It is all about customisation and personalisation. If you’d noticed, there is always a higher profit margin for customised products when compared to standard products. From a business perspective, there exist a very large market in customized premium!”

“So, what exactly does this have to do with 3D Printing? By the way, the proper engineering terminology for 3DP is Additive Manufacturing where it prints layer by layer. Traditionally it was used for on concept models and functional prototype, but now we are moving towards Direct Digital Manufacturing, too technical? It means using 3D printed parts as manufacturing tools or even, end-use-parts.”

“Let’s talk about some fun stuff, or how people are using 3D printer now. Go check out American Chopper, where they 3D printed a dragon head bike for some filthy wealthy man. Or world’s first 3D printed car, last but not least, the famous Legacy Effects which 3D printed many characters and figures for movie production such as Ironman & Robocop.”

“For something which we are more concerned about, or even the possibilities of changing one’s life is medical industry. Take a look at Emma with her magic arms which changed her life drastically. We are also collaborating with our medical partners locally to simulating a head for brain tumour surgery planning, this can increase the success rate of surgery by leaps and bounds. It is truly inspiring how 3D printing can work for medical industry or even, 3D printing a solar powered suitcase to solve electrical problems, kudos to Peppermint!”

“Last but not least, while 3D Printing is still in its infancy in Malaysia, I am telling you 4D Printing is coming. Lands are becoming scarce, think of Hong Kong as an example, what if you have furnitures which can transform according to time & temperature to suit your usage? Do enjoy the video and have a great evening.”

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