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We Printed An Actual Human Heart

It’s real. We 3D printed a heart. Hold your horses on questions and listen to us for now. The ultimate goal in medical field  is to 3D print a fully functional heart however, with many technical considerations such as tissue condition, implantation, sustainability and etc, 3D printing technology is still lacking in these areas albeit […]

Motorcross Helmet in Action

This week we printed something different, something that racer boy would yearn for – Motorcross Helmet. The best part is right after the model was printed, we had the opportunity to showcase this during Innovating Malaysia Conference 2014. Here is how we did the printing, and some underlying reasons of material & technology selection: File […]

We Printed A Spectacle For Colleague

Lots of people have been asking – do you have transparent material? So this round we decided to print something unique – spectacles. Below is some information on file source & technology we used: File Source: Rapid Model Development Sdn Bhd Technology: Polyjet Printer:  Objet Design Series Materials: Tango Black+, VeroWhite, VeroCyan, VeroClear (lens) Build Time: 5 hours and 35 […]

3D Printed Ford Model T

The Ford Model T was the most popular auto mobile back in 1920s as it was the first car made affordable to the masses. Without doubt, we at RMD are also huge fan of this vintage model and we decided to print this as one of our lucky draw gift for our past DDM event. Below is […]

3D Printing – Reshaping Future

We are extremely happy to be invited as one of the panel speakers to share our ideas and thoughts on 3D printing at LVL.UP KL which shares latest technology, design, creative, social and entrepreneurial skills to the community. Our Executive Director, Dalphine Ong discussed about how 3D Printing is Reshaping Future: “Look around us, there is an […]

3D Printing with Polyjet Technology

How it works You probably know about 3D printing by now and have a rough understanding on how it works (Or you can refer here for an overview). Like always, it is an additive manufacturing technology which prints layer-by-layer, but instead of using filament, it uses photo polymer liquid resins. The materials are constantly cured […]

Why Objet500 Connex3?

Build Color, Multi-Material Prototype with The World’s Most Advanced 3D Printer The Objet500 Connex3 offers comprehensive modeling solution for designers throughout the entire product development cycle.  Powered by Stratasys’ technology, it has over 180 materials to choose – from rigid to flexible materials. With the capabilities of producing vibrant colors into a multi material models, […]

3D Printing with FDM Technology

Build Durable Parts with FDM Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technology that builds functional prototypes and production parts layer-by-layer in engineering grade thermoplastics. These engineering grade thermoplastics are capable of enduring high stress, tolerance, chemical reactions which is valuable to demanding industries such as consumer products, aerospace, automotive and defense  industries. Applications By […]

Overview of 3D Printing

Before we go into the secrets of 3D printing, let’s have a quick understanding of what 3D printing is: It is known as additive manufacturing technology. The essence of this technology lies in printing layer-by-layer. Think of it as lego where you build something piece by piece. Now we have a basic understanding of how […]