DDM Jigs & Fixtures

[OVER] DDM JOHOR – 3D Printing Seminar

Due to overwhelming response at our DDM event, we will now be co-organising with UTM for another DDM Seminar at Johor.

Just a quick overview of what DDM is:

Direct Digital Manufacturing or in short DDM, is a manufacturing process that introduces alternatives in product design, manufacturing methodology and business operations.

We will be discussing about how DDM will be helping out businesses, especially in end-use-parts, jigs & fixtures. Most of the time via traditional means, production tooling often takes too long and costs a bomb with the customisation and number of revisions.

And this is where DDM comes into play. Join our workshop to learn how these applications would benefit you in reducing production and development cost.

Date : 30 April 2014 (Wed)
Time : 10.00am – 4:00pm
Venue : Block C25 Seminar Room, UTM FKM, Johor
Fee : F.O.C. (By Invitation Only)

Register Now– The event is over now, thank you for your participation!