Overview of 3D Printing

Before we go into the secrets of 3D printing, let’s have a quick understanding of what 3D printing is:

It is known as additive manufacturing technology. The essence of this technology lies in printing layer-by-layer. Think of it as lego where you build something piece by piece.

Now we have a basic understanding of how it works, it is time to reveal the five main uses of 3D printing.


#1 – Idea Realisation

Think of it this way, there is a design issue which you wish to rectify but you’re stuck at design validation. Simple, now you can just 3D Print it.  Look what they did for Emma.


#2 – Precision for Functionality

The functional clock below is 3D Printed in a single build. No post assembly needed.


#3 – Cost Effective For Small Productions

Conventional method may cost up to ten thousands for small production tooling. 3D printing can save up to 80% of cost reduction, yet faster production time as it skips many post-processes.


#4 – Prototyping to End-Use-Parts

Trek – a bicycle manufacturer has used 3D printer for design validation, which you can view here. Even big players in aerospace & automotive industries are also 3D printing parts for end-use assembly.


#5 – More than Plastics (ABS)

It is not only digital ABS, we have materials ranging from transclucent to rubber-like materials, or even bio compatible materials. You can view it here.


We have also covered why different applications require different technology, which you can refer here: Polyjet and FDM technology.