High Temperature

Material That Can Take Heat

High Temperature material (RGD525) has exceptional dimensional stability for thermal function testing of static parts.

High Temperature material (RGD525, white) combines heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability. The material can simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and is ideal for testing applications such as hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and faucets.

Material Benefits

Material Usage

  • Form, fit and thermal functional testing.
  • High-definition parts requiring excellent surface quality.
  • Exhibition modeling under strong lighting conditions.
  • Post-processing including painting, gluing or metallization processes.
  • Models in transit.
  • Taps, pipes and household appliances.
  • Hot air and hot water testing.

Simulate with Digital Materials

  • Combine High Temperature Material with rubber-like materials to produce varying Shore A values, gray shades and rigid functional materials featuring higher temperature resistance.
  • In addition, produce high temperature parts featuring over-molding.

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