Make Your Prototype Look Real

With a combination of clarity, high dimensional stability and surface smoothness, Transparent PolyJet photopolymer lets you prototype transparent models of a wide range of products from eye wear and light covers to medical devices.

VeroClear™ is a rigid, colourless material featuring dimensional stability for general purpose, fine detail model building and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastic such as PMMA.

Material Benefits

Material Benefits

  • Form and fit testing of clear or see-through parts.
  • Glass, eye-wear, lighting covers and light-cases.
  • Visualization of liquid flow.
  • Color dying.
  • Medical applications.
  • Artistic and exhibition modeling.

Custom Digital Material

  • With Design Series Objet Connex 3D Printers, you can combine transparent and black materials to create artistic patterns, various transparent shades, and Shore A values that simulate general purpose and polypropylene-like plastics.

Available In These 3D Printers

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