RMDxSIRIM – DDM 3D Printing Seminar Highlights

It’s been a month since our co-organised DDM event with SIRIM. Here are some of the event highlights:

Our sample display before the crowd arrive along with our limited edition (3D printed) doorgift!:

When the crowd came in a flock:

And our exclusive speaker Ganesh & Ryan from Stratasys in action, not forgetting some live tour to RP gallery at SIRIM:

And we provide good breakfast & lunch for a free event 🙂

We are really glad that most participants went back with happy faces as existing business problems were addressed with the applications sharing. There are more events in the pipeline and we hope it will inspire you in some way, so stay tuned!

Note: We will be having DDM Seminar at Johor, collaborating with UTM. Click here for more information. 

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